In memoriam — Gloria Payette, MA, NBCT

We are saddened to announce the passing of our dear friend, and CLTA/CWLP family member, Gloria Payette. Gloria was a dedicated professional and perhaps more importantly, a true and kind spirit who modeled humility and grace for us. As we share some memories of Gloria, she left us with the best memory of all — the final wish that we all go out into the world and be kind.

Rest in peace and tranquility, Gloria!

Gloria with her beautiful daughter, Shannon

Don Doehla, Co-Director of BWLP, wrote the following note to our team on Gloria’s passing. We want to share it with you as well.

Don and Gloria were close friends, and co-presenters at CLTA and BWLP for over 30 years


Dear BWLP Family and friends, 

Dear CLTA & CWLP family and friends, 

         and to all who will see this note as well…

It gives me great sorrow to pass on the news to you that our beloved friend, colleague, and sister-in-spirit, Gloria Payette, left us last night, ending her month-long journey with cancer whilst resting peacefully. The time since her diagnosis went by so very quickly, and it was far too short a time. Nevertheless, I am very thankful that her suffering is over, and that she is fully at peace now. 

I want to pass on to you the message from Gloria’s daughter, Shannon, who relates the final moments so well.

Hi everyone,

Early this morning, I went into Mom’s bedroom to bring her pain medication. We knew she didn’t have much longer. I held her hand and told her I loved her. She took a little breath. I laid my head on the bed, and told her I loved her again. When I looked up to see her take another breath, I realized she had let go. She was snuggled up in her Cal blanket, with no pain or anxiety.

Mom felt a tremendous sense of love and support from all of you, and in the few times she could speak at the end, it was always words of positivity and gratefulness. Mom was so grateful for the joyous, passionate, and adventurous life she lived, with her family and friends playing the biggest part.

I cannot thank all of you enough for everything you’ve done the past few weeks. It has been the silver lining in this difficult time. 

In lieu of gifts, please do a simple act of kindness in her honor. Mom would be delighted for us to bring extra happiness into the world she loved so much.

Love to all of you, Shan

Shannon is a wonderful person, so much like her mom, and yet her own person in every way, of course. She tells the story far better than I ever could. I am thankful that she passed with her daughter nearby, and as she was resting. 

I think Gloria would love the suggestion Shannon asks of us at the end of her note. It is a fitting tribute! Let us all remember Gloria by doing acts of kindness in her memory today, and in the days and years to come. As often as I think of her, this is how I will celebrate the life of my dear friend, my sister-in-spirit, my forever co-presenter, and clever creator of ways to teach the languages and cultures we love so deeply! Gloria will always be with us, even as others we have loved so much abide with us as well. She will be missed, but as for me, I will see her hand in every moment I present ideas she developed, or that we created together. They will all be a tribute to her and our abiding friendship. 

And so, though I am sad that she is gone, I will give thanks for all the ways she shared with me her life, her joy, her happiness, her encouragement when I have been down, or in pain, her kind and gentle way of helping me to know it will all be ok, and most of all, her unconditional love. She shared these qualities with me, with others, with you as well, I am sure! 

Peace be with you, dear Gloria! 

And also with all of you, my friends.

With all my affection and friendship,


Goodbye, dear friend. May we meet again one day! Until then, your smile will always be with us, and your heart will always embolden us to carry on the same work you would do if you were still with us on this journey.
We love you always!